Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Dinner was just us plus one guest. I made Cornish Game Hens. So cute. The kids thought having their own "turkey" was so cool.

Parker likes his sparkling cider A LOT! Chug-a-lug Park.

Bash opening his first gift on Christmas Eve.

Rayna helps Parker open his present.

Caroline likes her "Little Einsteins" June Doll.

The Scott kids get ready for bed. It was a tradition in Todd's family to take a photo of all the kids under the tree. We like that tradition!

Todd gave me a digital camera for Christmas. He gave it to me Christmas eve... I guess he knew I'd want to take pictures. Very thoughtful. It was a really nice and peaceful Christmas Eve. If only I could say the same about Christmas Day...

It Started at about 4 am... I forgot how hard it is to be a kid on Christmas Day.

Actually, if I remember correctly, the hardest part is waiting in your room when you're parents say you can't get up until 7:30am. Remember That? It was torture! Unfortunately, my kids can't really tell time. They can definitely tell that the sun isn't up yet but that didn't stop them at all!

After Santa ... Before Kids!

Arriving at Mom Mom and Grandpa's House.

Grandpa is his usual Holiday Cheermeister Self. (Sarcasm)

Cali and Mom Mom. So cute!