Monday, November 8, 2010

If I'm not B*tching, check my pulse.

I am here. I know, I know, it's been way too long!!

I am having a bad bad bad day. I have PMS so bad I want to pull my hair out. I think I have that PMDD I've seen on TV because I am NUTS! Ate too much Friday and Saturday and a little bit on Sunday. Get with it Amanda! Today I wanted to eat when the stress was overwhelming me but... I took a walk instead. This is very impressive for me. I have only a few more months of making sure I am ready for this life change and it feels like every small decision counts. So I celebrate my victories, no matter how small, and I try to get over my lapses very quickly. We all know how little good it does to worry and regret!

In other news, Saturday was a temple triple day which coincided with my Nanny's birthday. I am so much like her and I wish she was here every day. When I say I am like her it is because we are both bossy but loveable. She had this mug that read, "If I'm not bitching, check my pulse" Me in a nut shell. I miss her so much. I know she would enjoy my kids immensely.

Caroline is officially potty training. She is doing very well. Today is day 5. I am very proud of her. Usually by the time my kids are at this point I have already had another baby or am about to. It will be very weird to have no one in diapers. But nice, very nice.

Todd is applying for a training position again. Prayers please! I would love for him to NOT be in a store next holiday season. Having him home weekends couldn't hurt either!

Freelancing is going well. Slowed down a bit but I am OK with that because life had seemed to speed up!

Miss you all!