Monday, June 15, 2009

If you're going to San Francisco... sure to wear a sweatshirt because it can get chilly right there off the water. :)

The next day we decided to go to San Fran. Well, actually, Todd had no interest in going. Maybe he saw enough of it growing up in Nor Cal but I would spend everyday there if he'd let me. At any rate, he insisted Jenny, the kids and I have adult supervision and my friend Gail wanted to go anyway so that worked out well. :)

Gail, Jenny, Park and Bash. Sebastian and Parker on Embarcadero. Bash posing at the crab.

Jenny had never been there and I still enjoy the tourist stuff so we did the usual; Pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf, Ghirardelli Square, etc. The Pier was probably the kids' favorite. As soon as Bash saw another kid doing Bungee Trampoline he was absolutely insistent that he could do it too. Truthfully, I had my doubts because this kid is not exactly a dare devil. But I thought it was a reasonable price so I let him go. I'm so glad I did because he looked like he was having the time of his life! He told me that this is how Astronauts train to go into space and he was so proud of himself. Of course, Parker wanted to do it then as well and Park is definitely a dare devil so I let him. Parker does not like to show his feelings very much so he would turn his head when he smiled so we wouldn't see him but after ward he had a huge smile for me! So Fun!!

At that point, I think the kids assumed it was an "anything goes with Mom" sort of day because then they spotted the carousel and of course we had to ride.

After that was the obligatory visit to the Sea Lions who live at the Pier. Everyone was fascinated. Caroline was very frustrated that she couldn't touch them and Parker was absolutely mesmerized. Sebastian did his best Sea Lion impression.

Off the Pier we saw lots of ships and that really impressed the kids. Bash was sure one ship was "Zack and Cody's" ship. (If you watch the Disney Channel you will know what I am talking about!)

We also ran into sponge bob. Yea...
At the end of the Pier we had lunch at Bubba Gump, which is my favorite. Even Jenny had Shrimp and she isn't crazy about it.

After the Pier we headed down Embarcadero toward Ghirardelli Square. We stopped to watch the bakers at Boudin Sourdough's Demonstration Bakery. Gail bought us a sourdough turtle but Parker bit its head off before I got a picture. Those bakers are amazing though. This lady was making a fish and there in front of Bash is a Crocodile (Retails for around $50). So Cool.

After that was Ghirardelli Square. OK, of you haven't been to Ghirardelli Square in a while (or ever) I strongly recommend a little shop called "Kara's Cupcakes". Nothing but cupcakes which are delicious if slightly over-priced ($3.25 each; $36 for a dozen). I am a sucker for good merchandising though and this place was perfect. If I had a cupcake shop (or any kind of shop for that matter) I would want it to look exactly like this place. So cute.

Gail generously bought a dozen for us to take home and share with Todd (who, as I have previously mentioned, is slightly fanatical about cake: I always say he's a fat guy on the inside).
So next we went to Ghirardelli for ice cream which Parker mostly slept through but the rest of us enjoyed thoroughly. Caroline even thought the menu might be tasty.

We had a really great time and hit the beach after that but that will have have to wait for another post...

Birthday Picnic for Maggie

Before coming to visit, Todd and I decided that we should have a picnic for his Mom with her siblings and their kids. I think everyone had a good time. Although I guess I was busy because I didn't get too many pics (besides our immediate family),

Kaitlyn, Chris, Aly, Cali, Nonna and Emma.

The kids decided to put on a show for us. It was mostly Bash just telling us they weren't ready and Parker yelling "Madagascar". The other kids weren't nearly as bossy and/or obnoxious as mine. Hmmm I wonder where they get those qualities?

Aly, Emma, Bash, Parker and Jenny.

Parker has an infatuation with cake and cake-related foods. I certainly hope he inherited his Father's metabolism along with his love for cake.
A long, fun day!

Sacramento Temple

Our second day in California we went to visit some of my old co-workers in Rancho Cordova and then we went to Folsom to show the kids the Sacramento Temple.
(I think it's so ironic that the Temple is in the same town as a notorious prison!)

Sebastian in front of the Temple and Angel Moroni.

Parker picked a flower for me at the Temple (is that wrong?).

The boys playing around the fountain.

Todd and I (with flowers from Park in my hair!). So happy!
Todd and Caroline (who did NOT want to be held!).
It was an unusually gray day in Sacramento but it made for good pictures and nice temps!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

We're On Our Way...Eventually

So we decided to surprise Todd's Mom, Maggie, for her birthday with a visit to Sacramento. Jenny (our part-time Nanny) and I were dreading the flight with the kids so a few days before we went and bought them each a DVD player and a few new movies, some art supplies and lots of good snacks for the plane. We kept all the new stuff a secret until we got on the plane.

Bash was happy with his new DVD player.

Jenny tried to get some sleep on the 7 hour flight.

Caroline looking very tired.

Todd and Parker had more luck with sleeping.

After we finally arrived in San Francisco I couldn't get the boys to stay still for a photo op. I guess that's the most you can expect after forcing them to sit still for such a long time.

I should mention an interesting happening. We had a 5:45am flight out of DC so we left the house at midnight to arrive at the airport around 3:00am. At about 4:30am Todd went to the "departures" screen (the ticket counter was still closed) to make sure our flight was leaving on time. He came back and said he couldn't find our flight on the board. We looked at our flight reservations again (which I had made) and Todd asked, "Are you sure that "DCA" is Dulles Airport? (for those of you who live in this area you will know what I am talking about) and I said"Um... no it's not... DCA is Reagan..." Needless to say there was a time of Todd not speaking to me and ordering us all downstairs to catch a cab to Reagan for our flight which was leaving in one hour. So Todd, Jenny, myself, the two boys and Caroline in a stroller, 6 suitcases, 3 car seats, 10 carry-on pieces sprint down the escalator. Did I mention that Reagan is 40 minutes from Dulles? Well, two $60 cab fares and a reenactment of the "running through the airport" scene from home alone (1 and 2) we were the last people on the plane. But we did make it. Here is a pic of all the luggage we had to lug around. Of course, we did not have the luxury of the smart carte at that moment. I'm not really sure how we carried everything, actually.