Saturday, June 26, 2010

What have I done?

So I mentioned in an earlier post that I was "scheduling" my summer. I am now having second thoughts about that. This week was exhausting and I don't think the kids are appreciative and I think I may be overdoing it. This week we had swim lessons and guitar lessons on Monday, play date on Tuesday, Swim lessons and my niece Paige was with us all day on Wednesday, swimming lessons and church meeting Thursday Morning followed by an all day play date. Friday we got up early and went to chocolate world, came home and went grocery shopping and fed the elders. I'm tired.

However, I am grateful that I had the chance to spend time with my nieces and wonderful sister in law this week. Did I mention that they are moving here? Yay!!!!! They won't be here permanently until August but I will be spending a week in South Carolina with them before they move here! Yay Again!!!! I am hoping we will be on the beach every day!

This week is another busy one, but at least swim lessons are over for awhile. Guitar, Mom Mom's birthday, the Philly Zoo and dinner with Uncle Ryan on Tuesday, free movie and play date on Wednesday (and I'm hosting a crafting party that night for church). Play date on Thursday... Friday is clear except for feeding the elders. Hopefully, we'll be able to get in sometime with Alexandria and Paige and Kimberly!

Do you really need to know my entire schedule? Probably not, but I though I'd share anyway!

In other news... I haven't been able to get any work done this week. Maybe today. I am working on this story about a Bed and Breakfast that has Bison, texas longhorns, elk and my personal favorite, a scottish highland. I think it's for the money section again.

I am attempting to potty-train Caroline. She is very interested but apparently has no alarm system yet. I can catch her when she is doing number two (she makes certain noises... wink, wink) but number one always seems to be a surprise to her! She is growing so fast. It's time to take away the bo-bo (pacifier) but I just haven't been able to bring myself to do it! When I put her to bed without it she cries so hard that she makes herself sick. Gross. Any tips?

Bash is doing OK with his guitar lessons. He is using my Dad's guitar which is huge and making it difficult for him to reach his fingers around it to hit all the frets. We told him if he keeps it up through the summer and does well he will get a new guitar (a size-appropriate one) in the fall. Actually, a normal size guitar is a good fit for Bash. It's just that my Dad's guitar is a JUMBO! Bash has his own blog so he can comment on grandma's blog. Fun!

Parker is a very good swimmer and enjoys his lessons and any pool time immensely. It's hilarious to watch him swimming around with a huge smile on his face! He's super excited for preschool. He already knows the teacher and the school so I'm hoping we won't have too much adjusting to make. Parker is the kind of person who has a "comfort zone" and he sort of clams up when he gets out of it. We'll see!

Jenny will be home soon (end of July) and we are all excited to see her. We have missed her so much! We have been skyping a lot so the kids definitely don't forget her!

We have had a fun time hanging out at Mom-Mom's house. The kids are getting more and more comfortable and safe around the pool. Hopefully, we can visit with Mom-Mom at least once a week this summer.

I decided on July 1 to start reading the book of Mormon in a month. I got so much out of it last year when I did this. I am actually really excited to get started!

Todd has been working faithfully in the garden and it looks amazing! I am so proud of him. He really has a green thumb. I think he gets this from his parents. They have an amazing garden too! Bash also loves spending time with his daddy in the garden. It shouldn't be too much longer until we actually see the fruits of Todd's labor! Todd is excited about his California trip. He will be able to see all but one of his brothers.

We camped in the backyard as a family this week. Let's just say I wasn't suicidal in the morning but it wasn't the best night's sleep I've ever gotten. Todd sort of roped me into it. ("hey boys, don't you think Mommy should camp out here with us, too?")

We are planning to go to California next year. (I really want to see Casey and Aly's new baby!). And we are hoping Mom and Dad Scott will be visiting us this fall (hint hint)!

Don't forget that next September will be Bash's baptism... start planning now family!

Love you all!


  1. I've tried 4 times to post this comment you'd think I'm computer illiterate, no, just blog illiterate. When does your ward do there baptisms? We'll have 4 kids in school and they all have an entire week off in October.

  2. It won't let me edit now, ugh. When does your ward do THEIR baptisms? That's better.